Watchman nee the teacher

Until i began reading some of volume of Watchman nee books, i did not realize just how much trust the church has cast away.

Even more than that, i also began to realize why we have thrown it away, and how we can get it back. In those books, Watchman nee has captured the substance of something that we desperately need to restore. Watchman nee is one of the best teacher of the bible in the 20th century. When i study his life, i can see his life of spiritual discipline.

Watchman nee books

If you take the time to read one book of Watchman nee you will find the most profound and anointed man of god you will ever encounter via his books. He was a teacher of the word of god in china for many years with an anointing that matches no other of his time. By the power of the Holy spirit Watchman nee developed churches that understood unity, exposed the love of god to the entire world, lived in holiness, and diligently sought to sparkle their fire of love to the world around them.

They produced a lasting impact in china, and wherever his teachings have come in america, they have produced people who seek after god, repent of their religious mentality and understand the necessity of the spirit of humility. Imagine how much more practical his teaching about prayer, the cross and the soul, the cross and the holy spirit, the fleshly christian and the boasting of the flesh could be if we take the time to read one of his books.

Some of the most popular books of watchman nee

Some of the most popular books are the spiritual man, sit walk stand, the normal christian life, spiritual authority, the release of the spirit, The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Release of the Spirit, The Holy Spirit and Reality. Watchman nee is responsible for many books that were written and all of them are exceptional. Watchman nee books are amazing if you want to learn more about jesus and the deep things of god. His writings have influenced and equipped leaders for many generations.

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